Thursday, September 08, 2011

A few Summer holiday images (A)

Searching for the Cerne Giant, Dorset.

Stella enjoying apples straight from the tree in a pub garden.

Eddie reading his holiday journal to Grandma in Yeovil.

The boys racing cars round the terrace table in our holiday house in the south of France. They race to the final minute of Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain' which is the theme music for the Grand Prix this year...

Being kind to baby sister (who learnt to walk this holiday!) on the speedy TGV.

Some Joneses. Holiday house, Beziers, France.


Megs said...

it kind of looks like i imagine heaven, green green grass, fruit tress, rolling apples, lovely people!

love Mxxx

Anonymous said...

Looks delightful! especially love the pic of Stella w the apples!! xox Aunty Jules

Rachel J-L said...

Lovely pictures. And congratulations Stella! Happy walking!

Suse T said...

Lovely pic of Sam, Gretta, Jonesy and Tom xx

AKWA said...

Love your scarf a.

I x

2harewood said...

thanks, it was a gift from sharon



Jim and Nellie said...

Great pictures thank you. Stella is growing up fast specially with her hair growing. Stella is copying Reuben when he was eating two bunches of grapes at the same time. Love Oma and Oma XX