Friday, July 08, 2011

I was given an ostrich egg for my birthday (A)

The Herberts, friends from church, gave me this very large, beautiful ostrich egg on the 3rd of July. Wow. Apparently they take an hour and a half to boil! I decided to make an omelette...and to try to save the shell. After consulting the internet and watching various youtube videos, we got out the hammer and screwdriver, a skewer and a straw. I had my helpers, one of whom became the official photographer - thanks for that Eddie.

Blowing out the egg...we all had a go, but Roo decided not to continue after Seb warned him to blow and not suck! I think he got worried he might get confused and end up drinking raw egg. We all laughed at the funny farty noises the process made!

Here is my church small group enjoying omelette...what you saw cooking in the frying pans were only using HALF the egg! Needless to say we had egg for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Luckily David and Gretta arrived that day, and Sam and Becca with kids, all joined us for dinner! The giver of the egg is sitting front right in the final picture - thank you Ali.


AKWA said...

Wooah!.....what an enormous egg.
Eggzellent photos Eddie.
Aunty ix

nellie bosma said...

Amazing photo's Eddie! and well done Anita feeding all these folks with the one EGG.
Opa & Oma xxxxxx

Megs said...

what a grand gift! and i love your appreciation of it anita, your intense experiencing of life!

gretta at lothlorien said...

yes, we enjoyed that ostrich omelette for our first dinner in Marylebone.