Friday, February 18, 2011

The drama of being a child (A)

Or: The Agony and the Ecstasy.

I was going to put 2 shots in here to record Reuben's 3rd haircut. The crying one and then the gleeful one. But as I looked through the sequence I realised I had to share our experience more deeply with you.



HUMILIATION (or: betrayal)





INTEREST PIQUED (or: what is that long, hairy blonde thing behind me?)

DETERMINATION (Also: hair on tongue is fun)



Little man, back at home


Jim and Nellie said...

Thank you for sharing good to stay in touch with the growing. Good pictures of Tom with Stella. Love Dad XX

Megs said...

Is it Alice Miller wrote that? I went home and got it out of the library after that WONDROUS, analytical week with you and Thomas in NY NY!!!!

I also have scribblings inside a recipe book from a wonderful conversation with you about how when we are threatened it is because of fear, helplessness or ... hmmmm, what was the 3rd? I gave the recipe book to my friend Jana in Seattle.

I love your depth Anita. Can't wait to converse with you in 30 sleeps!!!!

The word verification is 'netecty'! Let's start a definition game, using these randomly fabulous words! We had a fantastic Sat night at friends' from my writing group here, playing 'balderdash' - you kind of inspired me to start a writing group here Anita! I am glad you did, they are so fascinating, wonderful and fun.

Oh,would you 6 like to join my prayer team for my new job?



Anonymous said...

Absolutely delightful. I did laugh at the grief of a haircut. Mine is usually afterwards, when I realise what a shocker it is and have to do some home renovations with a razor and nailscissors! Annie

gretta at lothlorien said...

How deeply Roo feels, yet how philosophical he is about life's traumas. love,

anita said...

fear, helplessness or worthlessness

Dave said...

awesome, thanks for putting them all up & the comentary! 2 picts would not have done it justice

love d