Friday, February 18, 2011

Bits and pieces (A)

Hi, Stella here. This is the pub where we had my baptism lunch. It is opposite church. I came here when I was 2 days old! Oma didn't think it was a good idea, but my mum and dad seemed to think it was. That was Easter Sunday 2010. Now I am 10 months old!

Here is my beautiful dad.

He feeds me.

He sometimes still feeds Eddie too.

Reuben did not stay still to eat.

Here I am doing something weird with my hand.

Hi, it's Anita here now. Our Christmas tree has been relegated to the terrace. Meanwhile, down below in the garden (or 'magic land' as we sometimes call it) the family plays. Toadstools used to grow in the spot where Stella sits.

Stella can sit up in the bath.

Showing off at her 10 month check. Lovely limbs picking up some rays. Admirer looking on, gazes infatuatedly into camera.

Had to pick up Eddie from school during the day, he had a high temp. Fell asleep in the sun on the way home. Might be almost 6 but not too old for the stroller when it's necessary.

....Hello STELLA!


Megs said...

I would like to go with you Stella darling to the pub where you went when you were 2 days old, and for your baptism lunch! And I would love to play with you and your brothers in the magic land, and the spot where the toadstools were. 31 sleeps! Coco and I are counting down! When it gets to 24, we'll use our big Santa countdown which Eowyn, Bens and I used to count down to COCO'S BIRTHDAY, (which I chose!!)

Much love to all 10 London Jones,


Megs said...

Coco's actual birthday!!

2harewood said...

.....see you soooon!!!!


gretta at lothlorien said...

Thank you so much for these photos, Anita. I rang this morning but no reply - these pics make up for the disappointment. love,