Thursday, December 02, 2010

Today (A)

Wow. The astro turf has turned white overnight!

2 boys with high temperatures, who are very school today.

On a happier note, it is Advent fever here....we were given 5 calendars this year! Including 3 choccy ones, a beautiful nativity scene from Gemma and a clever Christmas card from Aunty Megan. Thank you everyone.

2nd Dec '10 - Stella's 8 month birthday today, Eddie has suggested a cake. I might make an extra tasty spinach puree.


sam becca zach and martha said...

And Martha's 10 month birthday today!

Maybe when we get Martha baptised, she can wear the lovely white dress that Stella wore... if we do it soon enough so she hasn't out-grown it - what size do you think it goes up to?

Your poor sick boys! Amazing huge bean bag!! - Where did that come from? Zach's been on lots of antibiotics for his finger which seems to also be warding off all the coughs and colds!

hope you're enjoying the snow and not feeling too cooped up!!

B x

gretta at lothlorien said...

The snow looks beautiful. Poor boys!! love

Megs said...

Happy 8 month b'day, belle Stella!
That means it's just 4 months until Coco and I are with you to celebrate your 4th bday!!!!

The word verification is 'hymataug'!

Get well soon, Eddie and Seb!

Megs said...

Ooooh, I just saw pics of Stella in the white baptism dress Eowyn, Cosette and Sebastian wore. I;m so very glad! And it would be lovely for Martha to wear it too!!!!!

Love M

Rachel J-L said...

Snow! How lovely!

We are using a lovely Advent calendar that I bought in London's National Gallery. A nice reminder of our trip. David is loving it, thought the focus is very much on the fact that he's not allowed to open any more windows!
Do you also have a patchwork calendar with pockets from Grandma?

love, rachel

anita said...

YES! but the thought of 6 calendars each morning was too much and it is staying packed away til neat year