Wednesday, December 22, 2010

4 nights away in Ickworth (A)

Ickworth is a country house in Suffolk, just outside of Bury St Edmunds.

I love that pic of Reuben lifting his arms to be carried by Tom. Can you see the cold sheep behind Eddie? In the footprints pic we are looking for the fox ones (we saw him running into the hedge) amongst the deer footprints!!!

We drove a hire car to Ickworth (it took 6 hours rather than 2 because of the snow!!). We visited the town, Bury St Edmunds, which has ruins and a Cathedral.

Cosy nights in our rooms watching Raymond Briggs', 'The Snowman'.


anita said...

btw, the prayers said in the cathedral were for zach and martha, and friend jo jo


AKWA said...

Lovely snow!
Love the shining star. What a gloriously warm glow those candles made!

Happy Christmas Jones'.

I & G

gretta at lothlorien said...

How beautiful - the very best of England, tho' a little cold. Roo looks deeply interested in the info about the old Church. In the tradition of Betjamin. How old is Ickworth??? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

baker st jones said...

the house is 200 yrs old, the estate much older. That's from Wikipedia, I never quite made it to the history exhibition in the east wing.

Jim and Nellie said...

Great photos thank you for allowing us to share in your travels and exploring love Mum and Dad XXxxxx