Thursday, August 12, 2010

stella explains (A)

some of you say i am beautiful and gorgeous (thank you all)...but what you must realise is that i am more than my pretty face...i am learning all sorts of wonderful things:

Here i am staring at my own hands (! where do they come from? and why are they here?)

i have also learnt to suck my thumb...(ahh, maybe this is what they are for...)

...sometimes i get it wrong (ouch!)

...sometimes VERY wrong

....o no, mum, will they still think me beautiful now?? (yes, darling, all the more, for being so vulnerable and honest....and a good sport!)


AKWA said...

Definitely !...Love the photos! xxxxx

Elijah Ondre said...

Hehehe love it!! & yes we think you all the more gorgeous :)

stella said...

thank you aunty irene and aunty megan for my outfits (that yellow one was a hand-me-down from megan since before eddie's birth if you can believe that!)

and aunty julie, i am almost ready to start playing with the 'taggie' you made for me...thanks

nelliebosma said...

Oops, the comment on the outfits was meant to go in this spot, call it a 'senior moment'!

A belated comment on the stories. Great to hear of your happenings, thanks Tom.

And Stella is already siting op in the pram.

I love the way you describe the little photo series, Anita.


sam becca and zach said...

what a lovely little series. and great interpretation from Mummy.

Becca xx

Megs said...

You look simply beautiful in the yellow John Lennon designed outfit lovely Stella! I am very excited to see you in it!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

gretta at lothlorien said...

She's such a little person! That finger up the nose! Very, very beautiful.