Sunday, February 28, 2010

some people think....(A)

this is what packing boxes are for.

hi, you can call me reuben 'ady' jones (i think almost every piece of clothing roo is in came from eowyn and coco!

when i (anita) look and see these last few blog entries, they are dominated by roo.... unconsciously i must celebrating and needing to cherish my littlest one....before he is no longer the baby. darling roo i love you so much

3 nights more in our flat before we move

there will def be tears


gretta at lothlorien said...

Dearest Anita, Tom, Eddie, Seb and Roo, All the very best for the move!!!!!!!!!!! So glad the contracts are exchanged and it's all go for you. I had noticed the predominance of Roo pics, Anita. I think he'll love being a big bro, tho'. I remember moving with Sam, from Adelaide, at a similar age to Roo. He unpacked and re-packed my boxes, so I hardly knew where anything was.

anita said...

yes, that is exactly what reuben has been doing!

Megs said...

it means so much to me that Roo is wearing our clothes. it makes me feel connected and close, not oceans away!
i would love to talk soon, maybe when you're in your new home. am praying for you as you move. it is a sense of loss, when baby is usurped, and change, and so i shall pray also for you in terms of that, Anita. and of course for your delivery of babykins.
love you 6. THANK YOU for the fabulous bike and facial (on my birthday!) love meg

Anonymous said...

Thinking happy thoughts for you for the new adventure and the new house and for a safe delivery of the she bump. hope she answers all your prayers. x annie