Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reuben responding to baby she-bump (A)

The midwives came on Monday for my 36 week check (all good!) and the 3 boys were there to listen to her you remember the noise it makes.... a kind of whirring 'wwhhho wwhhooo wwhhhooo wwhho' noise over and over as the midwife counts the beats. Anyway, i look at Roo and there he is bobbing his head up and down in time to the rhythm (like he does when he listens to music). Then, after it was all over and i was having my blood pressure checked he walked up to the midwife, lifting up his top, presenting his own tummy to be listened to. (Which she kindly did, using her stethoscope).


Jules said...

Cute!! E would LOVE 2 be able to come see she-bump!! He is obsessed with babies - he just wants 2 cuddle, touch, sit on!, we have taught him just 2 pat the leg then wave though - otherwise he starts really gently but gets so excited it turns a bit crazy - but he also loves rubbing my sister's tummy & saying hello to baby inside & even has a little song(as he does for most things) that he sings to bub - basically baby baby baby baby witha bit of tune so if we were there your belly would be getting alot of loving from E too so we send that love via the net & look forward 2 baby photos to show him soon :)(V excited for u guys!!! hope moving goes ok in the mean time!) xox

Benjamin Ady said...

happy move!
thanks tom for calling today!
love m

gretta at lothlorien said...

Lovely story. The beginnings of a life-long relationship.Glad the midwife is happy with you. Do you have a moving date?? All OK with sale of 4Z?? Much love

AKWA said...

So lovely imagining him rocking to the beat!! I x