Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day outing to Eton (A)

We saw Windsor castle from the car and then the colleges of Eton, including some of the lovely fields and sports grounds surrounding the school.

Unfortunately Eddie gets car sick so we have decided no more car trips til we work out how to make it less traumatic for him...Seb, as you can see from the video, was in sporting form.

On the way home the castle was lit up and it looked magnificent. No pictures as the camera battery went flat.

Happy Boxing Day to you all! Heard from Sam and Becca that they got back earlier this evening safe and sound.


Auntie Seren said...

Thomas, you used to get terribly carsick too, didn't you?
I think I've done that walk, or similar. So terribly pretty!

baker st jones said...

Yes I did, though we blamed the winding Queenstown roads for that.

Megs said...

Well done Seb!!
Poor Tom and Rachel on those winding Queenstown roads! Sitting in the back, waiting to see who would be sick first.
The Ady family are all being sick now. Yukky!!!
Love Megs

gretta at lothlorien said...

Tom was once sick 7 times, just driving out of Queenstown. Being sick on the way to Eton seems much classier, but I suppose sick is sick, wherever. Poor Eddie.much love