Saturday, December 05, 2009

Bikes (T)

I've been having some trouble with Eddie's bike. The brakes are stiff, the brake heads get stuck against the wheels, the seat is too high. It's all a bit complex. Eddie and I went and bought a bunch of new tools and worked away for a while, but the brakes proved too complicated to fix - if I adjusted one side to make it further from the wheel, the other side gets closer. And vice versa. And none of my tools would fit the socket for lowering the seat. My new wrench did nicely grip the training wheel nuts, so I took off the training wheels. This gave me a little satisfaction, but it is also now a problem because Eddie really cannot ride a bike without training wheels, especially with the seat so high and the brakes so stiff.


Megs said...

But he's learning a basic life lesson - nothing's perfect, and everything takes a lot of time to fix. (New bike time??) BTW, this is Mum. Megan's been on the pooter

Elijah Ondre said...

hehehe You're funny Uncle Tom! Hope it all works out to your & Eddie's satisfaction :)

Megs said...

How very vexing!!
Love to all 6 of you