Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eurostar boy (T)

As a belated reward for his toilet training, I took Eddie for a couple of days in Brussels. The modern stuff (all the European political buildings) is horribly uninspiring, but I think that is the point, given Europe's history of too much inspiration.

So no photos of that stuff, but a few of the other sites.

I asked Eddie at the end his favourite bit about Brussels, he said his breakfast in particular the "coco pops".

One of Eddie's many photos, in Brussels' ye olde square.

Finishing another waffle. This particular place had higher aspirations, but given tourist expectations of Brussels had succumbed and scribbled "Waffles - chocolate, vanilla" in red ink at the back of the Menu.

Autumnal Atomium.


sam becca and zach said...

looks like an excellent trip. how fun for the two of you! uncle sam

Elijah Ondre said...

Looks fun! Slightly humbling that the cocopops were the highlight??

gretta at lothlorien said...

Eddie looks very happy with it all, doesn't he?? I've read that that old square has very beautiful buildings.

Kathryn said...

Look at that tall beautiful boy!

I love how kids always remember the food... a friend of mine remembers her youthful trip around Europe almost entirely by the foods - 'oh yeah, Paris - we had cake...'

What a great father-and-son trip :)

K xx

PS Secret word: Surnizab
I can't work out if that's a sticky Greek pastry, a Turkish mode of transport, or a Nepalese cloak...

Seren said...

He's so handsome!!

Megs said...

Eddie, Coco loves Coco Pops too!
YOu are a very good photographer, and what a clever boy to use the loo!! Hurrah for you! Tom, it's lovely you're creating this story in your and Eddie's life.
Dr Who time at Bag End!