Saturday, October 24, 2009

3 persons (T)

Sebastian: often starts the morning climbing on top of dad, waking us up to the sound of a stream of sebastian-flavoured consciousness (spiders, octopuses, crabs, sharks). Sebastian is the one starting the most fights, but he has a sensitive side - he cracked his little fingers against my hand, and started to cry. Pointing at his fingers he said "these two are laughing, but these two saying ouchie".

Eddie: often gets reflective at the dinner table, and starts talking about whatever subject he has learned about at school - mountaineering, etc. The subject turned to Giants the other day (possibly from Shrek):
him: "Giants can eat houses"
him: "God could eat the whole world in one bite."
me (taking theological opportunity): "ah, but God could, but he doesnt because he loves the world - he made it. And to give you an example, I love you, so I would never eat you."
him: "yes, and you dont have the right sort of teeth, the pointy teeth" (etc)
me: "yes, but that isnt really my point, I wouldnt eat you even if I could"

Reuben: is almost entirely sweet. He wakes up in bed, and just waits to be picked up, talking or in silence. He smiles at any opportunity, is always calm and quiet when held etc. But perhaps he's most distinguished by his petulance: he refuses to accept anybody saying 'no', and sulks if we do.


Benjamin Ady said...

i adore Eddie commenting that you don;t have the right kind of pointy teeth to eat him up!!!

gretta at lothlorien said...

What lovely pen-pictures of your 3. Thank you.

Kathryn said...

I love hearing stories like this!!! ('Little vinaigrettes', as I heard someone say on the radio once, before realising his mistake and giggling through the rest of the interview).

More please!!

Kathryn xxxxx

gretta at lothlorien said...

I suppose only waspish vignettes would be vinaigrettes.