Monday, December 29, 2008

Nanny in Bournemouth Beach Panto Surprise (T)

Our nanny, gemma, has been acting as Tinkerbell in a Peter Pan pantomime in Bournemouth for the Christmas season. We went down to see her, and the boys spotted this beachside 'train' which we used to visit the length of Bournemouth beach.


Megs said...

dear Eddie and Seb!! How fun, to see your nannie playing TINKERBELL!!!!!! We went to the Boxing Day Cinderella pantomime, and Eowyn and Cosette especially loved the hilarious chaps playing the ugly sisters!

Thank you all for the wonderful pressies! So great, so carefully and us-ly chosen!!!!

Auntie Megs

gretta at lothlorien said...

Clever Gemma, and dear little boys on the train. Yes, thank youfor the lovely huge cupandsaucer. It's always in use. Much love, and thanks for the pics.

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Dear boys! So lovely to see them so delighted.