Saturday, August 16, 2008


The older two boys are next door watching TV in a dark room. The song is "we're gonna have fun fun fun in the sun sun sun". The previous number was an exercise routine. Despite the incongruity, we love the TV nearly as much as the boys.

They've been watching it a while, ever since Usain Bolt(ed) to his amazing 100 meter win, and we moved off "Daddy's TV". But they do get a bit of outdoor activity, this is Eddie's bike, you'll notice it doesnt have any pedals, but doesnt lack as much for this as you'd expect, he races around on it.

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Megs said...

i would love to see you riding your bike dear little Eddie!!!!!!!
bikes are ever so popular at our house, and in fact are Eowyn, Cosette and my most common means of transport! Bens prefers to ride a motorbike!