Monday, August 25, 2008

Nanny, Nanny

Along with TV, our best hope of survival is Gemma, the boys' lovely nanny, who, appropriately, also works as a children's TV presenter. Gemma took over when Kathryn went to America at Easter time. The boys love Gemma, though Eddie has hardly forgotten Kathryn. He was telling Val last week that she was coming to London soon, and said the other day "I like Kathryn, normally she lives in London."

In May, a month or so after she'd left for Texas, Eddie had a disturbed night, and I went in to comfort him. He was worrying about Dinosaurs, and consoling himself that there weren't any dinosaurs in the house, just the plastic dinosaur. I said Mummy and Daddy would look after him. He said "Mummy and Daddy and Kathryn, actually".


Megs said...

megs here, with Grandma, Eowyn and Coco!!
what a glorious picture of Eddie, Bastian, Reuben and Gemma!!!!!!!
The tone of this post sounds like Anita - am I right?
Love you all very much, and miss you very much - the 4 of us (and Bens, whose sleep in morning it is today!) send you much love! Grandma couldn't sleep last night, poor Grandma! She's on London time still. Hugs,

baker st jones said...

No, it's only Tom who posts these last few years. /T

Megs said...

Very nicely posted Tom!

Kathryn said...

oh, I don't know what to say :(
I love that I haven't been forgotten... thank you for posting that :)
and I have a brandy-new webcam too, so maybe we should organise a webchat one of these days!

(I'm surprised it was a dinosaur, though - it was usually a 'sark' ;) )

K xxxxxxxxxx