Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Venice (T)

Today we went on a family adventure to pick up a prescription for Anita, and walk back home through 'little venice', the series of canals near our house in baker st.
Although it's fairly close, we don't go there as much as we might.


Megs said...

look at your lovely belly Anita!!!!
loved the pics of Eddie, Bastian, Tom and Zach, and Eddie's bday cake on SamBeccaZach's blog! What a lovely day! Wish I was there!

love m

anita said...

that is tom btw - powering on past the 'dolly may', in the distance...pushing both boys in the pushchair

my belly does look particularly impressive in those pix i must agree can't really tell, but that dress is the most beautiful maternity dress ever - i must post a proper pic of it, it is so pretty

gretta at lothlorien said...

What grown-up boys, striding along. And you quite preg., Anita . GJ

My mum (their great g'ma) would have said the same thing as Gretta! DJ