Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Eddie approaching 3 (T)

When I took him to the Zoo today, we took a slightly different path to Regents Park. As we approached, Eddie announced rather grandly "I've never been in this street before".
Not strictly true, but indicative of the new stage he is entering as a little boy, he knows what he knows and things are now new to him as they've never been before. It's poignant as today he is precisely the age, 10 days before his third birthday, that his uncle Stephen was when his short life ended over 20 years ago.


Megs said...

Dear Tom,
I am thinking of you and feeling sadness in my heart, on this day when Eddie is the age our little brother Stephen was when he died. I am remembering taking your hand and walking together up the hallway in Ky to Mum and Dad's room, where Stephen's body was, and you holding him and being so sad, and me wishing I could make Stephen alive again so you didn't have that pain, so we all didn't have that pain.

I love you.

Dear Anita, thank you so much for our conversation today - I love talking with you. You are an amazing person, wife, mother, sister, friend, wise woman,

Much love to the five of you, and a train noise especially for Eddie,

(Auntie) Megs

Anonymous said...

Your boys are beautiful, as are you and Anita. I'm so glad I know you all. God bless and much love, Ruth S xxxxx

gretta at lothlorien said...

I adore Eddie. Lovely to remember Stephen. That verse, "The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away", where is it, ? Jeremiah or Job or something, is so apt for darling Stephen.Love to you all.

baker st jones said...

It's in Job (1:21).

To answer these sorts of questions, just type the phrase into google and let it rip.

anita said...

thank you so much for this darling post, my dear

Kathy V said...

Dear Tom and his family - lovely to see you after 17? or so years and to see God has given you a beautiful wife and sons. I saw your dad last week and had a great time catching up and seeing photos of you and Megs ... ah. memories... we would love to hear from you if you have a moment ... Warwick and I also have three beautiful boys, Cole, Jesse and Isaiah . love to you all

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

Your boys are beautiful. Turning three is such a big milestone. Congratulations to Eddie.