Saturday, March 15, 2008

Poor Sebastian's Tooth (T)

Yesterday poor Sebastian lost a tooth. He fell from a chair in the kitchen, while playing with his brother. There were tears and blood, though the remarkable and poignant thing is how quickly afterwards Sebastian was laughing and eating. The missing tooth is not one of his main top two teeth, it's the one to left of those. We haven't found it yet presumably he swallowed it.


Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Poor boy! Though it sounds like it was more traumatic for Dad and Mum than for Sebastian. Maybe he has a bit more pain to come? (Not sure, I've never passed a tooth...)
love to you all,

Megs said...

poor little Bastian!

baker st jones said...

Well he's a tough one; the process was the precise equivalent to having a tooth pulled under anaesthetic, but without the anaesthetic.

gretta at lothlorien said...

Poor Darling. I guess it will add to his impish look.