Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hampden Gurney (T)

Yesterday I took Eddie along to a possible school (he won't start till 2009 but these things take a while it seems). Intriguingly named Hampden Gurney it's supposed to be particularly good and is walking distance. As is the way in London, the 3 nursery/reception teachers who spoke at the open day were all antipodean, in this case all South African. We met some of the kids who were very sweet, and came away with a good impression, Eddie very keen on the play areas.


Megs said...

isn't it an amazing, huge step, starting school? all the best with choosing just the right one for Eddie!!

Who knows? Perhaps Eowyn and Coco might go there with him and Bastian and Bump one day?

love M

gretta at lothlorien said...

It seems amazing - Eddie at school next year. I can't help thinking of Tom, starting school in Cambridge, in 1975.