Monday, September 03, 2007

Pen Portraits (T)

When I was a kid I used to avidly read the cricket year books, which would describe each player with a written, 'pen portrait', including statistics. Here's a round up of our troops:

Sebastian: is sitting up unassisted and eating rusks, sometimes at the same time. Age: 7 months. Teeth: 2.5 Weight: 8.4 kilos.

Edmund: turned around the other day, and walked towards me, overwhelmed by his emotions, and said "Dad, Eddie loves you." Pretty nice, huh. He followed up the next night saying to Anita, "Mum, I love TV. I love it".
Age: 28 months. Teeth: lots. Weight: 13 kilos.


Jocelyn McMath said...

Hi, thanks Anita for the postcard to let us know where you are now. Would love to here more from you but don't know how to contact you. We've an email but prefer not to leave it here. Our Mitchell is 8 mths now and is crawling everywhere & babbling away, smiles heaps & is so cute. Casey chatters constantly & is lots of fun. Dwayne is courier driving with a 5 tonne truck & is enjoying the change from concreting.

sam said...


Megs said...

what darling sincerity!

anita said...

last night he said that he had loved grandma's dinner that was fried rice with big delicious australian prawns that gretta had bought at the local fish shop