Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Car (T)

Here is Eddie reverse parking the toy car that is part of the children's room up at the Church. He happily spends the entire service driving this around, once or twice he has come into the church and driven up the aisle.


Megs said...

Lovely Boy! Wish I could see you in the flesh!!!!!!!!!

love, Auntie Megan

Uncle Sam said...

i guess the spiritual formation can wait!

Kathryn said...

what a lovely photo! and I like the new hair-cut ;)

I'm with you Megs - desperately missing seeing Little Boys in the flesh; can't wait to see you all again :)

(and Uncle Sam, do you know there's a mention of cars in the Bible?
it's when Moses went forth in his Triumph. ;) )

anita said...

where's this dad humour coming from kh? just bcse u r almost a married woman...or is the god-mother in u... :)