Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cricket with Ed and Seb (T)

at lords: I took the boys the final day of NZ test, to teach them about test cricket.   They saw 14 wickets for about 100 runs, so will have to take them back to teach them proper slow play.

backyard cricket

watching cricket in my study

with ed and seb at the oval, surrounded by friendly sri lankans (who fed us spicy onion sandwhichs and hula hoops)

eddie playing for primrose hill at regent's park


Jim and Nellie said...

Thank you for the photos and update Tom. Edmund and Sebastian seem enthralled in what they are seeing on TV while sitting in the bath. The bath in your study must be so you can at least have a bath with all those visitors passing through and clogging up the bathroom facilities.

Megs said...

brilliant! love the storyline of these photographs!

Dave said...

ahhh summertime & cricket
lots of love from us