Monday, April 22, 2013

My two cricketers (T)

Off to Saturday cricket club, some weeks at Lord's, some weeks in Regent's park.
During a walk the other week with Grandpa, they got into a discussion on monsters.   Friend Vinnie said monsters are real.

Eddie:  if they were real there would be pictures on the internet
Eddie:  what about one plus one equals two???

I am doing this on blogspot not on facebook because I think this gives us a better chance of having a photo album in 30 years time.


Jim and Nellie said...

Great photo Tom and that is a good debate with the boys and yes I also think that the blog has scope for a photo album. Love Opa and Oma

gretta at lothlorien said...

I agree with Eddie, but am impressed with Seb's deeply philosophical point. I certainly used to feel: "I don't know anything"..... Great blog Tom.

Benjamin Ady said...

i love that conversation! brilliant!
yes, i know, photo albums in 30 years, i have them only up until i joined facebook. perhaps we could patent software which really easily transforms people's facebook photos into high-quality books of photos, involving only a 'select' type button. p'haps we should chat with whats-his-name down at facebook?!!!

Benjamin Ady said...

i'm signed in as bens! this is megs! mum and dad are coming for lunch very soon, so i best get dressed and get cooking! i love wednesdays!