Thursday, December 06, 2012

Roo our Artist (T)

Our Arist
Tracing after school with Josiah

Tracing after school with Ivan. 

Drawing at Lords with Seb while waiting for Ed
Painting with Stella [photo by Julie]

A finish product.

By far the most enthusiastic artist in our little family is Reuben.  On a Saturday morning he might come downstairs, help himself to the art drawer and produce some piece of work with paint, pen, glue.   Reasonably tidy too.  


Megs said...

dear Roo, i love you!
you are very dedicated to the creative process, and this is a good thing! i am looking forward to seeing more of your artistic productions!
love, Auntie megs

Rachel J-L said...

He could teach his cousin David a thing or two. I have about 10 artworks from David in the last year!
I remember Roo drawing lots when we visited in 2010 - lots of tiny little 'pictures' that he labelled as a turtle or a rocket or a dinosaur.
Much love, Aunty Rachel

Jim and Nellie said...

Nice work Reuben and Sebastian and Stella thank you for the art work and the photos. Love Oma and Opa xxxx