Monday, September 10, 2012

the woods (T)

on the way back from the dorset show, sebbie wanted to get out and explore the woods.  So Anita drove off with ed & stells, while Seb, Roo and I did some exploring.

we had to walk back home along the road.  The odd car passed us and we'd stand by the side of the road to be safe.   Once, there was a bug on the road, making his way across as a car came.  We stood to the side, and after the car left the bug was flattened down, he looked a bit crushed.  But he got up, and continued his journey.  "Thankfully", said Roo, "the pet survived."


AKWA said...

So sweet. So funny!

Ali & aunty I xx

Jim and Nellie said...

Nice to see what you are up to boys Oma and I also went exploring and had a picnic in the bush you can see the photo on the blog. Love Oma and Opa

gretta at lothlorien said...

The darling. How caring and considerate of him.

Megs said...

what a relief, Roo!