Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt (A)

The night Tom took the older two to see 'The Railway Children' (performed at Waterloo station with a real steam train!) Reuben (possibly sensing he was missing out) asked to 'go out into the dark' and go 'some place'. It was 6pm and they were fed and I was preparing for bed (usually 7pm for them) but I decided to brave the cold and dark and do something......we ended up on a local Cmas tree hunt!

It was wonderful.


Megs said...

THAT is SUPERB! I love it! And I love that is was spontaneous! Perhaps now 'twill become a Jones Christmas tradition!!!!!!

See you in just 3 months! We are so excited!

The word verification is 'boodgess'! I love it!

Love Mx

Dave said...

looks fun! cool

gretta at lothlorien said...

Fabulous fun. 14 trees found???? Great idea,Anita