Friday, November 11, 2011

Legoland (A)


gretta at lothlorien said...

Looks great. It reminds me of that place in Holland. We took Megan and Tom when they were little. Was it called the Maduradan??

nellie bosma said...


nellie bosma said...

the 'hello' was a trial run, getting my google account back, since David's visit last month!

Now to what I really wanted to say.

Hi Greta,
You were very good in remembering the name Madurodam, only a couple of letters out.

We visited there with our children in 1982, on a visit to Holland for my parents 50th wedding anniversary.
Then again in 2003 after Tom & Anita's wedding we all went there with in-laws and grandchildren this time. Great place!

Greetings to you & David.
Jim & Nellie

Megs said...

you are very BIG Reuben!
love auntie megan

i remember !!!!!

Rachel J-L said...

Fantastic! Where is that Legoland?

gretta at lothlorien said...

Lovely to hear from you Nellie.I loved our 2 trips to Holland - we stayed in Amsterdam and In Edam, and in -was it Maastricht?? Near the border. Camping.