Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some new art in our house (A)

By, Helen Vance, an artist from our church. It is called 'A world without end...Amen!'. It hangs near the breakfast bar and we look at it every day.


Megs said...

that is AMAZING! how inspiring! and how funforallthefamily!! good choice, enjoy!

(We too have new artwork on our walls - a large self portrait by Coco, and a spider's web by Eowyn!!)

Love to you all,


John, Johanna, Rudy & Margot said...

This piece is fantastic - and I love that you are supporting artists in your community. xo johanna

Tamara-Lee Bailey said...

Love it! x

Elijah Ondre said...

Fab name. great reminder at breakfast time!! & funky art, love it! PS E has been getting a bit quite from time to time lately & when asked whats wrong his reply has been 'I'm a bit sad that I can't visit Eddie, Sebbi, Roo & Stella's house, i would like to again one day' :) whenever he watches Mary Poppins he very proudly tells whoever is around, ussually his other cousins & Granny, as it is her dvd that it is where u guys live :) just wanted 2 let u know ur much loved by us over here & much thought of even by E(he is very excited about the idea of maybe all meeting up in Thailand!) xoxo