Monday, June 20, 2011

Alister in London (A)

Discovering the Natural History Museum

Teaching my cousins tricks on Mario Bros Wii

Cricket class at Regents Park

Crisps and sandwiches after swimming (on the first Saturday here)

A ferrari parked just round the corner...

Cousins following, in Regents Park

Walking past the place which looked like that bit it in 'Oliver'.....

White swans in the park

A mummy (or two!) at the British Museum

More running in Regents Park

Picking up my cousin Seb

Lunch outside the Natural History (Dinosaur!) Museum...Stella came too!

Organising the soldiers

On our way to Paddington station - to catch the Heathrow Express to the go home.

Goodbye London!

(We Love you Ali, and miss you! Thank you for coming, and we hope you come again soon!!!! Love Aunty Anita, Uncle Tom, Eddie, Seb, Roo-ey and baby Stella)


Jim and Nellie said...

Thank you for the photos it shows a great time and many happy memories it was great to see them come back through the Perth terminal. Love Mum and Dad, Opa and Oma XX

nellie bosma said...

What a lovely glimpse of activities and relationships!

So nice to see the cousins/grandchildren interacting together.

We're looking forward to reading Alister's journal.

Love Oma

Elijah Ondre said...

"Where are the picttures of me too?" said Elijah a little forlornly - His way of saying wish I was there!! Looks like u guys had agreat time - We all wish we could have bn there 2 xox

gretta at lothlorien said...

What a fantastic time together. Precious.

Megs said...

i have summer envy!
did coco and my visit inspire ali and irene's visit?
it's such a great thing to do, isn't it irene?
i am glad you, anita and irene, got to have sistery time, and the 4 boys and stella cousin time. it is so very precious. coco still speaks often of her london cousins and experiences!
love m

AKWA said...

Yes Meg it was long since Anita and I have hung out together like that.
Really enjoyed getting to know the little ones.Such a precious time!!!Thanks guys. Love you heaps.I xxxxxx