Monday, January 17, 2011

Party prep (A)

Creating the party bags - Eddie, Seb and I have had fun painting, sticking and drawing these underwater scenes.

Sunday 23rd is the big day of Sebastian's Sea Creature Party - most of his Nursery friends will be there, plus some more. Including a speedy shark, a half-mum half-crab, The Octonauts adventurer 'Kwassi' (Seb's latest love...I am cobbling together a costume for him) and some deep sea divers.


Megs said...

have a LOVELY party! Cousins Eowyn and Coco and Auntie Megs and Auntie Bens are going to the aquarium today, to see some visiting Hammerhead Sharks! We shall be thinking of Sebastian and his fabulous 4th birthday party as we meet sea creatures and such!

We love you!


Elijah Ondre said...

Awesome!! Lucky ur Uncle dave & Cousin Elijah are not coming, they may have found it hard 2 resist bringing spearguns :) Have a Fabulous Day Seb & a Big Happy Birthday from us!xox Aunty Jules

gretta at lothlorien said...

Great party bags! have a fun party.Love

Jenny said...

They look adorable.

nelliebosma said...

Wow sounds like a very exciting party, wish we could be there. Opa would have brought his 'hand spear' for sure.

Have a wonderful party Seb! Looks like you've all done some very artistic and hard work in getting ready for it.

Love Opa & Oma & Omi

AKWA said...

LOVELY party bags & perfect bit scary! sea creatures cake. Wow a.


sam becca zach and martha said...

wonderful party anita - well done!! B x