Tuesday, September 21, 2010

....Incident at the holiday house....(A)

Looks harmless enough doesn't it...

Except it's NOT

A darkness looms....I sense it's to the left...yes, THERE, to the left. The caged area. Black ground. The place they told me to avoid alone. To never go there, without shoes

Both inside one house...

And outside another,

People were idly busy. Preoccupied. Doing their own thing. Minding their own business....Enjoying themselves!

It was nobody's fault but my own. I know that now......too late.

People were relaxing

...playing, reading...ah, the joy and beauty of holiday occupation

Some were in nearby, strange orchard lands...

Others, seen, huddled by pop up cots.



Father and son time...do you see? (If only it could have been me)

People were working on their physiques, or on their fashion,

Sweating by the pool.

....And me? Where was I?

Alright, I confess. I went there alone. I walked the stones to the tennis court with the thick asphalt floor. It's teeth bit my feet.

I stubbed my toe!

At night I feel the remorse.


sam becca and zach said...

i love this blog post! Nice memories. b xx

gretta at lothlorien said...

Oh, what a story!!! Great, Anita. (Though with all that tension you built up, I was expecting at least a monster!) love,

nelliebosma said...

Oh the poor darling, trust Reuben to be the one getting injured.

Leuke foto van jou Anita.


sam becca and zach said...

anita, this is excellent!! love it. you should write children's books. x s

Megs said...

poor darling Roo!!!!!

Megs said...

ps JA, leuke foto van jou,Anita! I love the coy smile you give in your self portraits!
see you in '11!!

AKWA said...

Captivating story showcasing your holiday!!..What a stunning final photo. Hannah wants Reuben to know she understands how he felt...! The rhythm of your story reminds Ali of the Gruffalo. I x