Sunday, July 05, 2009

Goodwood Festival of Speed (A)

Being, so far, the only female in a family of 5 I have realised some weekends will be taken up with going to see 'racing cars'....

Set in gorgeous West Surrey

Sebastian seems to be a popular name for racing car drivers

Roo after a spot of lunch

Can you see Tom and Seb?

At this point I asked Eddie (who was not feeling well) if he wanted to have a sleep...he said yes he thought he would...He had been blocking his ears when we were next to the race Roo blocking his here??

We had to pull Seb off this one

Eddie enjoying the sights

My personal favourite

The boys in the Jaguar pavilion...Roo has learnt to wave

The kids 'wacky races' area

Making art using car tyres


An interloper!

The experience didn't alienate me quite as much as I may have feared, in fact despite sunburn (weather is beautiful here right now), a dropped icecream, and losing my other half several times, I could imagine enjoying coming here every year. The most amazing - emotional even - thing was experiencing the Euro jet fighter plane was almost unbelievable.


gretta at lothlorien said...

You are good, Anita. I think I'd have stayed home. Great painting. Frameable?? love

Victor, Rachel and David J-L said...

If this blog is anything to go by I think you quite enjoyed yourself, Anita!

anita said...