Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stickers (T)

All around our house, on the furniture, on the walls, on the carpet, in the beds, all around our house, but most particularly on the person of Sebastian, there are little stickers. It's a tactile pleasure for him not an aesthetic one. His great love is to place the sticker and then immediately pull it off, and stick it somewhere else. Some mornings he has not been consoled until he has his stickers while he eats his breakfast.


Megs said...

lovely Sebi! Coco and Eowyn love sticking stickers all over themselves, which creates a rather short lifespan for the said stickers, but once again, i think it's all about process rather than outcome!

gretta at lothlorien said...

Maybe he will be a tactile-kinesthetic learner, rather then a visual or auditory one. (Because of my TESOL course, I'm full of the ed jargon). I think the t-k ones have all the fun, as with Seb and his stickers. love