Monday, February 09, 2009

Eddie in uniform (and in gemma's gloves)


Benjamin Ady said...

WHAT a big boy you are Eddie, wearing school uniform!
Cousins Eowyn and Coco don't wear uniforms at their schools. THey don't even really know what school uniforms are! Perhaps you could explain, next time you see them!
love Auntie Megs

gretta at lothlorien said...

Oh Eddie, you're such a grown-up boy. Thankyou, Mum or Dad, for the pic. Much love, Grandma

Victor, Rachel and David J-L said...

What a great uniform, Eddie! (And fantastic gloves, too!)

You look very pleased with your uniform. Do you like it?

love, Auntie Rachel

(A) said...

gretta, the post was care of (T)