Thursday, September 18, 2008

Madonna and Child

The youngest with his mother. Eddie is now fulltime at school (2 weeks in) and coping well. Sebastian is charming, though still inclined to end his baths like the Who end their concerts.


gretta at lothlorien said...

Beautiful. A true Madonna and child. But how does the "Angel" imagery fit in?? And how do The Who end their concerts? Naked? I hate to think further on this.(On The Who, not on Sebby and his bath.)

Megs said...

loudly and screamingly!
i love this picture and imagine it would look wonderful transformed into a painting!!!
good boy eddie with school!

love m

baker st jones said...

and destructively, smashing up their kit

Jules B said...

Gorgeous! you look fab Anita!! & Reuben looks very cute:)

sam becca & zach said...

anita - you maintain such a calm beauty amidst what must be pretty hectic life with the three little ones. b xx

anita said...

aawww - you're sweet