Friday, February 01, 2008

4-Night in Bangkok (T)

We greatly enjoyed a 4 night stop over in Bangkok, which we shared with Rachel and Victor, down from their home in Chang Mai.

Highlights were Sunday Service at Christ Church, afternoon tea at the Peninsula, and a languid trip on a Water Taxi through all the canals off the main Bangkok river. Get one driven by a Woman, they are substantially less likely to sink. Many of the houses that we passed on the canals have no road-access, they rely on the water to get about, like in venice.


gretta at lothlorien said...

So happy to see these photos of Joneses and J Lerdprakuns. makes me feel vv connected. library shutting, so am in haste. Much love to all

Megs said...

what beautiful pictures of Rachel and Victor with their nephews!

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

What great pictures! Wasn't it a wonderful 4 days?
I've got some pictures ready but they haven't made it to our blog yet.
Also some great little videos. Not sure how to get them on the blog, but I'll give it a go!
much love to you all,
(Aunty) Rachel