Friday, October 05, 2007

Old Cars (T)

Eddie has previously been a little unhappy when he wakes up, with a cry, to let us know he's awake and I suppose to express some discomfort. But he is now at a stage where that is changing, and he wakes up and first thing calls out to us. This morning, he called out "mum, eddie's been sleeping".

The nicest thing he's doing at the moment is to keep a close eye on me, constantly keeping me appraised of whatever is happening, repeating other peoples sentences to me, asking me if I'd like some more coffee, beer etc.

This is an old car in the grounds of St Thomas church; there seemed to be an old car rally that day as we saw a lot like this.

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Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Dear boy!
I wonder if he's getting the hang of your pattern of coming and going so he's making the most of the time you're with him?
much love to you all,