Sunday, August 19, 2007

Grandma (T)

I think for my mother, the perfect world would be to live in a small, pretty English village with frequent unexplained violent murders, to test her detective skills. Caring for her children and now her grandchildren, though, must be a pretty close second.

Here she's helping fire up the steam engine for Eddie's amusement, and stopping work on her Bayeaux Tapestry to read the boys stories.


anita said...

by the look of that page turning it seems to be a bit of speed reading going on

gretta at lothlorien said...

Lovely pictures of happy times with the dear little boys. History does repeat itself - the steam engine was Tom's, and just tonight Eddie enjoyed one of the Enid Blyton's Tom loved as a little boy. Next to read him one that was his Grandpa's.

Megs said...

Miss Gretta Marple!
Love the comment about Mum Tom!

Oh dear - we have a missing hamster (a common occurance at our house!)

lots of love,

Jenny said...

I'm always surprised about how many violent murders small quaint villages can have.