Friday, May 11, 2007

Parents (T)

My parents recently took me out for a belated birthday dinner, where this phone-photo was taken. I was reminded of where my own restaurant inclinations come from when I saw my father's response to the guy offering to grind pepper on the food. I've never known what to do with him, and my father proposed the same compromise I generally arrive at, which is to say "just a little bit thank you".

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Megs said...

I love having somebody sprinkle exactly the amount of black pepper I like - I think in my heart of hearts I must be royalty, or at least landed gentry!!

The girls and I just watched your most recent two Eddie & Seb movies. Whose voice says "Oh Careful, Careful!" in the teething video, Tom or Anita? I think it's simply delightful that the timbre of your voices is so similar that inthis instance I can't tell them apart!

To Eddie and Sebi cousin Cosette says: "Happy Birthday To You!" (But it's not their birthday...) "Um, Eddie and Seb (sung( Eddie and Seb, Eddie and Seb, I love you!"