Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Presence (T)

Only three of us this Christmas but God-willing we'll be four in the next week or so.

More Christmas photos, including Eddie touching a (real) python at the London Stock Exchange children's Christmas party and me looking surprised at Kathryn's lovely Christmas day meal.

One highlight the last week was watching Ferris Beuller one morning (a gift from Eddie); it still feels decadent to me, watching movies before lunch.


anita said...

thank you rachel and victor for this excellent backpack which eddie clearly loves

we had to go and admire it in the mirror pronto

anita said...

another comment for a jones sibling....sam and becca, can u recognise the place where eddie and i are crossing the road?


Sam said...

ah, our reception locatioN!! we had our photos taken in that square :)

Megs said...

Megs has stolen my identity. This is Mum. I love the Christmas pix - Eddie looks so happy.

Megs said...

it is so lovely seeing eddie in the orange little pumpkin suit eowyn and coco both wore ... p'haps bump can wear it too!!!
love megs