Monday, April 17, 2006

Man of La Mancha (T)

...but as Don Quixote saw them, he said to his squire:

"Either I am deceived, or this will be the most famous adventure ever seen, because those black shapes you see there must be, and no doubt are, enchanters who have captured some princess in that carriage, and I needs must do everything in my power to right this wrong"

"This will be worse than the windmills", said Sancho,

"Look, Senor, those are friars of St. Benedict, and the carriage must belong to some travelers. Look carefully, I tell you, look carefully at what you do....."

From Edith Grossman's "definitive" Don Quixote, with thanks to Laurence and commendations to Ed.

Today's pictures are from our Easter trip to Warwick Castle.


gretta at lothlorien said...

Lovely photo of you in Warwick, Anita. And thanks for Don Quixote - I should get around to reading it.

baker st jones said...

Get this recent edition, if you click on the title in my blog post, you will be taken to Amazon to see the details (but I'm sure you can just get it locally).
It's possibly the funniest thing I have ever read - a real surprise; you really feel linked with Cervantes, and Don Quixote is like a modern day David Brent (the Office), in that you quite like him despite him being so objectionable.

Ed said...

classic stuff this don fellow - I've just read the bit about the windmills - he's hysterical and hapless. A cracker of a novel ... a good read. Thanks Tom for the rec! E

The Pocknalls said...

Whenever I hear the name 'Man of La Mancha', I have to think of Forster. There was an unfortunate fellow who was nicknamed 'Muncher'(possibly by ANdrew and Tom) who would join in all the activities, most horrifyingly 'scooping'. It was a standard question as we passed the La Mancha caravan park on the way to Forster, "I wonder if Muncher will be there this year?"
Anyway, it is a lovely photo of you Anita.
Did Tom get his birthday card? I wasn't sure if I still had the correct address. All the Jones' contacts have been crossed out and changed many times over - time for a new address book I think.
And when is your birthday Anita?

Megs said...

Anita and Tom, i've been thinking of you, anticipating the joy of celebrating Eddie turning one. I'm looking forward to seeing his party pix on your blog!

It can be hard, remembering a traumatic birth experience at a child's first birthday. Eowyn's first birthday, though most joyous, had some moments of grief as I reconnected with the traumatic memories of her birth. I wish you comfort in processing the trauma and difficulty of Eddie's birth, and joy and delight and hope in celebrating HIM, and all the wonderful ways being his parents has transformed your lives.

anita said...

thank you megs. i am looking forward to the party, and to blowing up balloons with the helium canister i bought ystrday (ah, the joys). jenny, my birthday is 3rd july, 1973, and yes! we got tom's card - very cute!

Sam said...

you seriously need to update the blog!

anita said...

is it possible to be 'over' blogging?

anita said...

i think i might be. for now anyway

chooky said...

what two beautiful babies you have. We have really enjoyed seeing what the jone's are doing! Your new hair cut looks just fine Eddie! Love you all Brisbane Bosma's