Monday, March 27, 2006

Regents Park and the beginning of Spring

It was spitting rain as I took these photos a few days ago. We were meeting friends for a walk through the park. Eddie notices the scampering squirrels and people's dogs. Although there are hundreds of birds at Regents Park he seems more interested in furry, scurrying things than feathery, beaked things.


gretta at lothlorien said...

Wow! How wonderful to be able to share spring in London with you. Does he like the flowers?? Might nurture the poetry in his soul. At that age Tom's passion was trucks.

Justin said...

We are feeling the joy of Spring here in NYC.

I never knew how the seasons actually felt.

You can see why the poets and composers love the seasons.


Rachel Jones said...

How wonderful to be coming into Spring in London!
Eddie looks to be enjoying the daffodils.
And stripes.

anita said...

yes, a lot of clothes for baby boys are stripey. luckily stripes suit this partiular boy (slimming too)

anita said...

yes, eddie does like flowers - esp crushing them between his fingertips