Tuesday, November 29, 2005

6 months ago

This photo was taken 21st May 2005, Sam and Becca's wedding! Eddie was less than one month old. It's a rare one with all 3 of us in it, so I decided to post it on the blog. Also Eddie is so cute and ickle!

Unfortunately Eddie - now 7 months - has been upset these past few nights, waking a lot and crying...I think he might have a cold...whatever it is, everyone ends up pretty tired and miserable. He hasn't yet settled for his morning sleep, and Tom is at work after being up for a prolonged 4am nappy/bedclothes change. Me? Let's just say getting up every 2-3 hours doesn't equal quality sleep. Ah...I hear the little fella has settled into a....LONG morning nap. God bless you Eddie.

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Anonymous said...

You poor darlings - We wish SLEEP for the 3 of you, looooooong, deeeeeeep, satiating sleep.
Love, Megs, Bens & sleeping (yes, it DOES happen, eventually!) Eowyn & Coco!